Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Boy or Girl? That is the question!

Hello, I'm Malou the little bunny girl who suddenly became a boy last friday!!

Finally nobody is sure if I'm a boy or a girl!!it seems that I have a malformation.
My mum have sent the picture to a rabbit expert, we hope he will respond, because we have a rendez vous next wednesday with our vet to talk about my case!

I'm in a great shape and I really like my new friend Talisman, I'm happy here, I can go outside, I have a big cage but I'm totally free in the flat and I can run and jump everywhere.I never do silly things and I'm litter trained , I think I can say I'm a perfect bunny!

Here is my last picture:

If you want to help us to determine if I'm a boy or a girl , have a look to my strange genitals:

Really strange? no??
Here is a link to "How to sex a rabbit"explanations:

My malformation doesn't seem to be severe, but it's a discomfort because I'm always wet on the left side and my mum has to clean me several times each day, I'm going to be a big boy and I don't want my mum to clean me!!!
I hope the vet will find a solution!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Big surprise!

Be prepared for a shock!
Yesterday the vet told us Malou was not a girl!!Malou is a little boy!

That's not really a good surprise because male rabbits usally don't get on too well with each other!
For the moment Malou is a baby so there's no problem but in a few weeks he will be mature and the situation may become very delicate.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Good rabbits pellets

My mum always has the same problem: where can we find good rabbit pellets in France? The answer is clear: nowhere!! too much calcium, too much fat, too much protein and not enought fiber!!So yesterday evening she decided to find some oxbow hay basics T somewhere in Europe.
She finally managed to find some in Great Britain and Germany but the shipping costs were prohibitive!!
The only solution is to ask several shops in France if they will be ok to sell this product but for the moment we shall have to eat some french rabbits food even if it's not the best for us!
Why are rabbits so few popular there??It's really hard to keep your rabbit healthy, no good food and no good vet!
Fortunately we have some great hay and we eat a lot of vegetables good for our health!

I can assure you we won't lose any sleep over it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


It will soon be Halloween but the weather is really hot and nice for this time of year!
We took advantage of this nice weather to play outside:

I hope you will enjoy these new pictures!

My friend Nadia his feeling really sad and has been feeling bad since Noah died, she thanks you for all your nice messages.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tribute to Noah

I'm sad to announce that Noah died at home a few minutes ago.
He was such a wonderful and brave bunny...all his bunny and human friends are sad tonight.

Noah is back!

Noah's hind legs are paralysed for the moment, his vet will check that tomorrow but they probably need some re-education

Thanks in advance for anybody who can give us some advice, several french vets are working on Noah's problem because they have never seen such a severe case before!

I launch a "SAVE NOAH operation", have a look on this page:
Save noah

Friday, October 14, 2005

Good news!

My friend Nono is under observation in the clinic.He is in his carrier between two hot-water bottles. He is on a drip because he is bleeding but he is fine!

His mum gave him a stick of celery and he ate it heartily!
The vet said he was a very strong rabbit!!!

Malou and I went to the vet yesterday too, but not for surgery just to get vaccinated against VHD and myxomatosis. I didn't like it at all!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bad news from my friend Noah.

Yesterday I was happy to introduce my friend Noah to you, but this morning I received a bad news .My friend is very ill and needs surgery, he is going to be operated tomorrow at 10.30 AM.
His bladder is full of sand and stones.He has been operated 6 months ago for the same reason. This time he goes through torture and the vet can't stop the bleeding and his suffering, his mum is really anxious.

I hope tomorrow I will come back with some good news of my friend.We can't stop worry about him here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Two good friends

Let me introduce two good friends of mine to you:

Here is Douchka:

and here is her friend Noah:

My mum made a little portrait of them for their mum:

Her mum seems to be very proud of their portrait, she uses it as a screensaver for her phone!
Here are the portraits my mum has made for other bunny lovers:
At this time of the year she makes a lot of personalized items: bunnies, guinea pigs and even a rat!Some people are starting their Christmas shopping!

I personnaly started my wish list too : I would like a tunnel for Christmas!

Monday, October 10, 2005

This baby bunny is completely mad!!

This morning Malou took it into her head to run from one end to the other in my room! She experienced the joy of the controlled skids on the bamboo carpets!! she visibly likes the sound her paws make on the carpets when she skids!!No way to sleep here so I've moved to the corridor to find some peace.
Even if she bothers me during my naps, I think I'm gradually falling in love with her, she's so cute and nice with me.
Yesterday evening I couldn't find her neither in her cage nor in the living room , I was very sad but when I saw her on my mum's knees watching TV, I was a little bit jealous so I sat in front of them and banged on the ground until my mum gave Malou back to me!!
When she's with me she bothers me but when she 's not there I miss her, this seems to be the beginning of a great love story.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Eating, eating and eating again...

Eating is the only thing Malou is thinking about!! At the start, she was eating all HER food and I didn't mind but NOW she's eating all MY food!That's no way to behave!!!!I think we must teach her some manners!
She seems to find my cage more comfortable than hers because she is always in and I can't sleep peacefully; how can I explain to her that I need some peace and quiet to sleep?What an excited bunny, I can't remenber babies were so restless. I'm feeling so old when I see her acting like that!!

This morning she went out and tried to eat my wheat:

In the end we put her on a deck chair because she was uncontrollable!

Friday, October 07, 2005


I didn't write a note yesterday because my mum took over the computer until midnight!It was time to sleep for me! She works on some new designs for our Christmas shop. I say "our shop" because I was still the best seller last month, so I think I can say it's my shop too!

Here are the new designs:

On the first one, it's me!!!Do you recognize me?

Yesterday she came back from the market with some pumpkins, I wonder what she is going to do with because I know she doesn't like their taste so she isn't going to eat them.Perhaps she will make some new halloween pictures of me with Malou!
Did you look at our last halloween pictures? There was a terrific picture of Emmi :

Our sweet Emmi looks so evil on it!!!!

Our camera stopped working two days ago, so there are no new pictures of us for the moment, but hopefully I 've got some cute pictures of malou and me in stock:

I will try to be back tomorrow if my mum doesn't take over the computer again!!!

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Her name is Malou!

At last, she is here!
The two-feets have decided to call her Malou, a name that I find quite cute indeed.
Well, first of all she is so small, it's astounding. She's somewhere between the mice and the bunny even though she is 2 month old already.

She is able to wander around the flat and enter corners I am to big to enter.(between the cage and a piece of furniture, behind the radiator...)
The two-feet say I should care and sometimes remove me from her cage because they say I am too invasive, but what? I am curious and enquiring about her.

What I particularly like is her food. She has some really good tasting pellets but I have to admit I tend to find everybunnies' food often better then mine....nobunny is perfect....
We do not yet share the same cage and I hope it won't be too long before we do, but the two-feets always do that.Is it that they don't trust me? I can't imagine that, there must be something else...I hope!
Well, I have to go back and look after her now.

Have a nice day!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

D day!!!!

Here is my new friend:

she is so cute!!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

D minus 1

Everything is ready for our new bunny girl!My human friends have just told me I won't be making the journey with them!!! aaaaaarghhhh!!!!! It was only to be expected!
They 're going to keep me hanging around alone in the house! That's scandalous!

My friend will be the first one to leave her family, one of her brother will leave in the afternoon just after her so my two feet friends will be able to take some pictures of the whole family!!

Tomorrow at 3 P.M I won't be a bachelor anymore!!!!!!