Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Find me ![Talisman]

Guess where I'm hidding !

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shaved!! [Talisman]

Well be prepared for the great shock......

yes, I've been sheared!! just like a sheep!
It's hard to admit but yes the facts (and mostly the photographs) speak for themselves.....and now what about the "most-beautiful" rabbit in the world, what has he become, how will this promising acting and modelling carreer end? .....but we have to keep going on and summer is certainly not the time to be depressed! With 50% of my fur off me I have to say I feel much better with this suffocating heat!

Who said the planet is warming up more and more every passing year? I hope it's not true !

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too hot ! [Malou]

What a heat all of a sudden!
The temperature has been going up and up so quickly here that our town was even the hottest in France on the last week.
It's quite hard to suffer this hot weather because of our wonderful (!) thick fur we have.We have a "cooling system", that is a bottle of freezed water :

It's nice but only Talis seems to really enjoy it, lying down near the bottle and sleeping his worries away. For my part I prefer to avoid this, the cold bottle, but I don't really know why.I much prefer staying right under the sofa for hours 'til my stomach begins to howl! The food is excellent on the summer, lots and lots of fresh vegetables every day...a bunnies dream.
We can enjoy the balcony quite a lot and this is really a great fun to show the two-feet how quick we can run by rocketing from the left of the balcony to the right and zipping through a tunnel they have constructed for us !! I also love to sleep into the tunnel :