Friday, September 29, 2006

A new shelter [Malou]

Look at what we've got....a new shelter !

The two feet has bought it to replace the carboard boxes they used to bring from the supermarket and that tended to get wet and finally fell apart badly on the terrace.
We received it last week and it took some days and a few carrots to have us inside.
At first the two-feet were a bit worried about the fact we didn't seem to be interested at all by their new purchase !
It's made out of wood and has quite a good look and, though it's not real big inside it's enough for both of us.

It's finally quite nice because it really looks like a burrow and feels like it when you're inside.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Good night, part 1[Talisman]

As you can all see, life is getting quite hard those days as It's really demanding to find a proper and definitive position to sleep.
As simple as it may seem, sleeping is an art not everybody can master perfectly, nor it is something to be taken for granted.
A lot of hard work, deep thinking and endless hours of sleep were required to achieve this high level of sleeping excellence !
One has to dedicate his life to some noble cause.....I think I've found mine and will let you know on every new discovery on the subject.
If on your side you have some tips and secrets about this ancient art, don't hesitate and tell me !

lesson 1 :

lesson 2 :

lesson 3 :

lesson 4 :

lesson 5 :

lesson 6 :

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Some news[Talisman]

Malou is getting and feeling much better now even if the surgery has not completly succeeded.

There remains minor technical problems but the most important part is that he does not get infected anymore if the two-feet take care of checking everyday that everything is all right.
We don't know if the vet will have the will to operate him again but the two-feet find this is maybe too heavy a surgery to start a new one again so soon.

Besides all this, we became better friends since his comeback, and each one of us has found place......... that is to say i'm still the boss ;-) .

Summer is slowly vanishing and we try to get the most our last visits on the terrace but the rain often visit our town.

Nevertheless we continue our way of life, which is still composed of sleeping, playing, eating and taking care of our athletic body and sublime fur !