Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back from the veterinary school!

This morning we went to the veterinary school!
Malou was examined by a student and by the rabbit expert and he was X-rayed too.
The vet didn't make a very relieble diagnosis because Malou's case is not easy but we have several possibilities:
1/ it's probably a syphilis(vent desease), we have to give him injections for 3 weeks and he will be cured!!
2/Malou has also some sand in his bladder so we have to delete lucerne from his diete
3/the last option is a malformation, in this case Malou can't be cured but we can stop the infection and try to avoid a relapse with some specific care.
At the moment Malou is playing with a new toy, a little ball with some good treats inside:

Monday, November 28, 2005

Let it snow!!

Guess who is walking in the snow?

It's me, Talisman!!!

This is a great experience! I like it!

As Malou is still ill he is not allowed to go outside with me and he is waiting for me inside, poor Malou...

Tomorrow a vet expert is going to try to treat him!I hope this is the last time he has to go to the vet!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

2 little top models

-Malou, please look at the camera!
-No, I don't want to pose today!!

-it's the best I can do!
-you have to look at the camera right in front of you and awoid scowling!!!
-I'm scowling if I want!! you're not the boss here!

-why, a little kiss!!
-I don't want any kisses, I just want you to look at the camera and pose because I'm getting a cramp!Well I'm going to pose alone , it would be easier!

-Hey, I can act the star too!Look at this:

-except that tere is a big bottom hiding me!
-If I disrupt anybody, just say it and I will leave!!
-oh it will be fine from you because all my pictures are spoilt!
-it's your fault!you ought to have posed with me...
-well, what about trying to pose for a last shot?
-ok but look at the camera and smile please, I don't have time to waist!!

-oh damn it! my ear is going up!
-Master yourself, young guy!
-I can't help it!!!!
-and on the top of that there is a big blacklightning!!Believe me, it's the last time I work with unskilled!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Alone in the house!

Yesterday our human friends decided to wander on the seefront and left us alone in the house. For the first time Malou has been allowed to stay with me, he usually stays in his cage when they are out because he isn't really well-behaved. But this time he didn't make anything silly.
They took some pictures of burrows :

A bird of prey was looking for rabbits :

Here are some pictures of the coast :

They didn't see any wild rabbits but a lot of seagulls:

and a beautiful little flower:

Yesterday was a good day for everybody!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The great leap (by Malou)

Today I've made an amazing thing :the great leap!

As you can see on the picture, there's nothing between the chair and me, only plain emptiness which I, with so much courage, braved by leaping over to the piece of fourniture on the left.
It's was like jumping over the Grand Canyon!!This should at least appear on some local TV news....
On the other side, I have to admit that once there, I didn't really know what to do because it is quite high up there and I didn't feel very comfortable beside the big cactus!
So I tried to adopt a cool attitude, hoping secretly one of the two-feet would appear and carry me down....and that's what happened; I even protested by wagging my leg to let them think I could to it alone : sometimes I'm amazed at how clever I am!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


we are not really proud to announce that we have been punished! Malou and I ate some furniture yesterday and even if we were told several time to stop, it had no effect...so our mum put us in Malou's cage for one whole hour.Malou is used to be in his cage at night but I'm used to freedom and I was really shocked to be locked up!

Let that be a lesson to us!Now we will be as good as gold!

Monday, November 14, 2005

A little ghost...

Who is this little strange ghost jumping over me??

it's Malou who's playing leapfrog!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

yum yum!!

this morning we received a big parcel of food from germany!

I,Talisman, have been chosen to test this new food:

I took this mission really seriously as you can see! I found this new food really good!
In the parcel we found two gifts!!! that's really nice from this shop!
the first gift is a dried herbs mix:

I LOVE it!!!!
On the other hand I don't like the other gift, I find those apple pellets really strange. I hope Malou will like them!

My mum seems to be happy with this order and if both of us like this new food it will be our regular food as it doesn't cost more than our french(bad) food even with the shipping costs!I hope she will order some dried herbs mix, it's toooooooo good!!
It's a german shop:www.bibonatur.de My mum speaks and undestands german very badly even if she learnt german at school for 5 years!she will have to practise again!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Hide and seek

This morning I was playing outside when my two-feet friends decided that the weather was too cold for me!They sometimes seem to forget I've a fur!!
I decided to hide behind some plants:

Nice hiding place no?

But they have finally found me:

Now I have to wait until the next sunny day to go outside again!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

2 little gluttons!

have a look at these pictures of us eating our carotts and chervil(almost in real time):

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Malou is recovering!

For the first time our vet said Malou was on the mend.The vet gave him an injection yesterday and will give him other injections next thursday and monday.Next week the vet will decide if it's better to give more injections or not.
Perhaps we will have to give the injections at home every 2 days. We will have to learn to give them , that's not easy because it's an intra-muscular injection. A sub-cutaneous injection would be much more easy for us!!!

Malou was tired after the injection but now he's fine!

Last week the Christmas season began in Paris!The department stores( Printemps & Galeries lafayette)look great during this season.
Have a look on this blog:http://jeromeparis.canalblog.com/
It's in French but there are some pictures of the Galeries Lafayette decorations!
I don't live in Paris anymore but I think we will spend some days there around Christmas, it's so beautifull!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Back to the vet!

Malou has a relapse, his left hind leg is completely wet and one of his eyes seems to be infected, we are going to go back to the vet with some books and documentation on syphilis, I hope this time he will prescribe shock treatment to stop the infection.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

3 months old today!

Hello, I'm Malou and I have some good news! I'm fine today ,it's the first time since I live here that I'm not wet. That means the medecine is effective and everybody here hope I'm on the way to recovery!
I'm 3 months old now!I'm curious about everything in life and I particularly like to watch throught the windows, especially when my friend Talisman is outside. I like to watch him running and playing the fool to impress me!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

We are back!

Sorry not to have written some news for a few days but we were looking for a goot vet and that wasn't easy at all! In the end we have found a "not so bad " vet, he auscultated Malou on monday and gave him some penicillin. If Malou feels better at the end of the week that will mean it's a syphilis but if it doesn't change anything Malou should have a complete checkup and he probably should be X-rayed to see if there is a problem with his bladder.
We have to be patient.
Now we are sure that Malou is a little boy!for the moment all is OK ,Talisman and Malou get on well with each other, they eat, sleep and play together!
Here are some pictures of them cuddling each other last sunday: