Monday, January 30, 2006


On saturday, something extraordinary happened, it snowed!
It's been really long since we've not seen so much snow around!
Here are some pictures of our town:

Outside, it was really cold and i just had the right to make a quick jump on the balcony, it was quick but it was great fun.....partly because Malou had to stay in due to his fragility towards coldness and wind. I had then a splendid oppotunity to demonstrate who the chief was!
But above all, this kind of weather mostly tends to urge us to think deeply and even philosophize and thus have a big good sleep

Sunday, January 29, 2006

We are good friends again![Malou]

Well, I think I should wash my feet

You have to lean to wash your bottom yourself, I won't always be there

Hey, what's the matter with my bottom?

It's not that clean!

Well, let's take a rest!
First, let's kiss us good night!

Up to bed!

I've not finished to wash myself!
pfff, you're doing too much! hey come on miss universe, got to sleep now!

Don't you feel you're squeezing me a bit, I don't have space to lie

Is it really worth having a king size!

As you can see I'm not in quarantine anymore!!! I've been neutered and now I can play with my friend Talisman!!
I was operated last tuesday and I really feel better now!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The relaxed rabbit![Talisman]

Mum was offered a great book for Christmas, it's "the relaxed rabbit" by Chandra Moira Beal. Massage therapist Chandra Moira Beal share massage strokes for pet bunnies.
I have been chosen to act as a guinea pig and I must admit I love it!!!After the massage I was soooooooooo relaxed!

you don't have to be ticklish because there is a toes massage!!

Now I demand a daily massage!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Still in quarantine[Malou]

I'm feeling much better but I'm still in quarantine and I can't play with my best friend Talisman!I'm so depressed that I can't help acting silly!!
Mum said she's going to enroll me in a rabbit agility club because I jump over my exercise pen and my toys all day long but I don't think she will be able to find a rabbit agility club in France!

Next tuesday I'm going back to the veterinary school to be operated by a rabbit expert. I will be neutered, x rayed and the vet is going to see if he can cure my malformation. My mum will be in Paris at that time so I have to go there with my dad and I won't be able to give you some news before january 26th!! I should be in a great shape!
Here are my last pictures, I'm a big boy now(not so big compared to Talisman)

and a funny one:

Furkids in Honk kong : Mum has seen your message and she knows she has been tagged but she couldn't find the time yet to write her message! she's thinking about it and if she doesn't answer before the end of the week I'm going to bite her ankles!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm the king![Talisman]

Last friday our human friends ate a cake called "galette des rois".

It's a special cake that we eat in France for the Epiphany.It's filled with frangipane( almond paste). The most interesting thing is that a small porcelain figurine (formerly a bean)is baked into the cake and the one receiving it wins a crown and gets to choose a king or a queen!
I've been chosen to be the king!!

Here is the picture of the figurine:

Here is the recipe of the Galette des rois/Twelfth Night cake

The quarantine[by Malou]

I'm ill again, this time I can't stop sneezing and sneezing again! The vet gave me a new medecine and I feel better now but I have to be in quarantine not to contaminate my friend Talisman!
A friend of mum has given us a rabbit exercise pen to make a dividing wall.

I live in the living room and Talisman lives in mum's office!
Here is my new home:

Guess where I am on this picture!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We are back!

Hello everybody and happy new year!

We have a lot to tell you, let's start with Christmas!
Christmas was great even if it was quite long to come.We were getting restless because we were able to smell through the wrapping paper that there was something good inside the gifts, and we were right!Furthermore, we had a fantastic Christmas dinner!

and we finally received some gifts:

After Christmas I spent 4 days with some friends while Malou went to Paris with Mum and Dad
Here are some pictures of me preparing my luggages.I am not so confident with human abilities so I had to check by myself that everything was right:

My bunny sitter was very nice and my holidays were wonderful! I played a kind of hide and seek with my friends Selune & Torino and we tried to impress each other but it lasted a little while because I don't like conflicts and fights. At the end we each had a part of the flat and met sometimes during the day.

Here is Malou on the road to Paris:

and Malou with one of his cousins, a dog named Scooter:

Malou went back to the vet last monday, this time I feel guilty because I injured him and one of hie eyes is infected.
We gave him some medecine and this morning his eye looks good, I hope he will soon get better.
Tonight he has to go back to the vet for a complete check up!
I 'm not allowed to play with him until he is completely recovered!