Monday, February 27, 2006

a few fights..[Malou]

Monday again, and a new week is starting off.....with a fight!

Yes, Talisman and I started a fight twice this morning and needless to say the two-feet were not so happy about that.
They're getting worried about the two of us getting along fine together but let's put everybody at rest, those fight are now nothing more than little games and teasing.
At the beginning I tried to dominate Talisman but the sole problem is.....the weight and strenght of talisman.
He is undoubtedly the leader within our small team as within every rabbits team there has to be a leader, a dominant.
I don't mind about it in fact as he is a nice friend to get along with but as i like to be a little nasty sometimes, i have to start a fight, even just for fun!
The other news of this week-end is that we had a lot a dried banana slices to eat, this is absolutely delicious.
And, clever as i am, i noticed that the two-feet tend to give us some after a fight to calm us down.....isn't that a good reason to take some good time starting a fight!?
Now I'm punished and Talisman is alone in our new home having some good time :

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back to the vet....again[Malou]

Yesterday I went to the vet.
The two-feet brought me there because my malformation caused me some problems.
Besides this they wanted to have a vet checking if my neutering was healing well and to have the threads removed.
Well, needless to say it was terrible!
He started off by putting me on my back and inspected this delicate part of my anatomy with no embarrassment at all, just as if we've known each others for years!
After this first look, guess what? He deducted a few millimeters of pee out of me to check if there was no infection or something strange in it.
Nothing at all, everything seems to be fine, except a little inflammation..that's what he said.
So we got off his office with nothing less than three medecines (I thought everything was all right??!!).
Once again, I can see that human sometimes acts strange and one more time the two-feet will have to play vet for about ten days and maybe much more as the vet said they'll certainly have to wash me every day for what seems to be years to prevent any infection.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day![Malou]

As you know I don't have a Valentine but I have a cute little sister called Lou. I've sent her a signed picture of myself:

Isn't she cute?

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Our first Photo Contest!

Have a look:

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Photo contest

We are taking part in a photo contest! The suject of the contest is "sleepy bunny" so it wasn't difficult for us to find a picture!

Here is the link to the contest(it's a french website), we are the first competitors:

The little bunny on the top of the page sleeping in her mom's arms is Malou's sister!

Our new toys[Malou]

Well as you may already know, we have a terrace now and a little shelter the two-feet have built with their own hands and they're quite proud about it.
The thing is you have to jump on the shelter and from there to reach the terrace (to have us little physical exercices as they say....)
This morning I went on the terrace to eat some of my favorite hay, and it was all stuffed in a ball!!

What a surprise!!!
Now, here I am on the terrace, trying to extract some hay from this toy the two-feet have made for us.

Well it's quite a fun actually and I have to admit I'm quite good at this most of the time....

Talisman doesn't like this new toy, his favorite toy is this one:

He loves to throw it all over the room!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our new Home[ Malou]

Look at this!

We have improvements in our house!
The two-feet were really cool on this one and now we can enjoy both a terrace and a shelter (which besides allow us to climb above the house)
The terrace:

and the shelter:

It's a great fun and even if my friend Talis was a bit reluctant at first about leaping that high, he soon realized there was much to be gained out of a simple leap:
wonderful view 'cause now we can look outside the window
and even more important, there is always wonderful food on the terrace !

This cage is Talisman's one, it 's always open because Talisman doesn't live in, he 's always free in mum's office. He goes into his cage only to use the litter box!

Back into my cage![Malou]

Well, I'm back into my cage at night....the two-feet said it was too hard for them to be awaken every hour of the night.
I don't understand cause for me it's quite cool but what, here is how humans are and I know there's nothing much to do about it.
On the other side I feel that I have much more energy during the day because I have to admit that when I stay up all night I become too lazy as the day arrives and sleep all day long.

Monday, February 06, 2006


Last night was the first I've been allowed to sleep out of my cage...what an event!
This was completely cool and amazingly remarkable, especially for the two-feet I managed to wake 4 or 5 time nightwhile.
I think i did not sleep until four or five in the morning when i got tired of running everywhere and jumping on and off the two-feet bed.
I kissed them good night almost every hour and I don't know if they were really happy about it, because they kept talking more and more and in a more tired way as the occurences of my kissings progressed throughout the night....I will continue tonight and to understand what they say...I'll let you know.
Anyway, being free at night is really cool and I am too happy of this radical change in my life, but the thing is I ran and jumped so much last night that today I am feeling a bit, how to say....lazy, yes, that's the word!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I love Hay[Talisman]

Look at that, a real advertisment for Crau hay (a french brand)!
Amazing, but it's true, I really love that hay more than anything else.
At the beginning, the my human friends were surprised and even a little bit anxious about this (is our bunnie ill? does he hate his food so much that he prefers hay...?).
The fact is that it is delicious, there's nothing more to it!
Malou loves it so much that he tries to catch every little bits of what remains in the bottom of the bag of waste of hay, be sure of that in this house!
I still ponder on it, but may be I should try to contact the company and engage in the advertisement business!!
All my friends eat this Hay now even the ones who didn't like hay at all!