Wednesday, September 28, 2005

D minus 4

The party is over!

My last fan left 2 hours ago. Everyboby has been really nice to me, they stroked me all day long and gave me some little gifts: a new carpet for my carrier, some great hay with a lot of flowers in and some cereals treats, yum yum!
I made two funny meetings :first I met a dog, and not a small one , a big black labrador!!!!!!
The dog was originally a guide dog but now he is retired , so he behaves nicely with everybody.Nevertheless my two-feet friends didn't let me know he would be coming, I insist upon being informed next time! I was not afraid at all even when he licked my ears but I can't say I really appreciate it !He has a really big tongue!!!
The second encounter was with a little girl and I must admit she terrified me, she was running after me and I had to escape in my cage to be safe!
Everyboby ate a lot of cookies and cakes and seemed to have fun!

I was a little bit confused this morning : the two-feet messed the habits upside down because they had a friend sleeping at home .One more time I hadn't been informed, I really have to talk to them!!!

Anyway it's D MINUS 4 for my new friend to arrive and I'm getting more and more restless. She's really lucky to have me as a boyfriend, I hope she knows it!

Well, I have to finish my sweeties rigth now if I want to have some more tonight!


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