Friday, September 16, 2005

bad mood

It's raining today! I can't go outside playing and eating the flowers, what a boring day!

I'm really in a bad mood, this is the first day I can't go outside since june, that means it's the begining of autumn.I hate autumn and winter because I have to stay indoor and I can only watch the plants and the sky through the window.

what a bad day!

The worst thing is that I 'm alone with no bunny to play with me.I forgot how it was to be a lonely bunny and let me tell you that's not as easy as it seems.
First of all, no other bunny to talk to and no bunny around when I try to show off; but the worst is no more bunny kisses on my head and around my ears and furthermore time is getting long too.....
So I hang around my human friends' legs begging for some strokes or for some attention while I perform some magnificent leaps all around the room.You should see me !
But within 3 weeks my new girlfriend will be here!! I'm really looking forward to meeting her.
At First she will have her own cage but I hope she 's going to live with me quickly!!!I will turn on the charm with her.
I hope we'll get along fine and I'll do my best.I'll be her Prince Charming...
We'll let you know and show you the photographs.

The only good news for me today is that I'm featuring on the 2006 calendar front cover:

My friend Emmi is in the calendar too, we posed together for posterity!

Have a good day!


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